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Jonny Bucklands Guitar Rig and Effects...

So I am sitting here talking in the Mars Kyte chat and listening to Coldplay and listening to all the guitar effects Jonny's making on guitar wondering how he does all that, that has always fascinated me the sounds you can do on guitar with all those peddles and things. And so I have this random thought to google 'Jonny's guitar effects' and actually got a link to a list of them and his gitfiddles to boot and a photo of his board even!

So yeah here's to randomeness

Jonny's Guitar Rig and effects

Nice board Jonny!!! :D Jonny calls his board his Pandora's Box. ;)

I am so crazy I swear.... O___o

Tomislav has a nice board too. I always photograph his when I get the chance at shows.

Tomo's Board
Tomo Taste of Chaos March 2 2007 Grand Prarie

EDIT: Did a search for Tomo on Guitar-Rigs, They have him listed but they don't have his stuff there except A Les Paul shown for his guitar but nothing of his gear board etc. O.o They have a place where you can fill in all the info if you know it but I don't know it. I think it is on the Mars Forum some where.

And they have the wrong photo. They have a photo of Tim instead of Tomo. O_______O


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Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:03 am (UTC)
Nice Jonny userpic :P And nice to see his board, and other equipment too. Although I think they are missing a few of his guitars on that site. Shame they don't have Tomo's stuff though.
Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
I love that user pic of him playing on the guitar.

Yeah that was a nice surprise to see Jonny's board and all but yeah not all of his guitars there.

I might have to remedy the Tomo thing on there. I can do some research and then go list his stuff there. I know its listed somewhere on the Mars Forum. I will go hunt it down. LOL See if I can get that fixed.
~~~Maevey xo
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