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Luna Guitars

I want two of them already
Jonny Buckland, Guitar Player with Coldplay
Interesting little article on Jonny's guitar playing style and techniques.
Explains a lot as to why I am so in love with his guitar playing style so much. The songs they mention in this article are some my favorites that I love listening to his guitar stuff in. But I do love them all really. ;)

Whole article behind cutCollapse )

Croatians With Guitars <3

My new favorite photo of Mr. Milicevic with an acoustic. Simple photo but to me, just stunning.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Coldplay Spies

My Coldplay song of the week it seems. Hauntingly beautiful song.

Lots of Jonny on guitar and slide action in this one. ;)

Another great version. Sound quality really clear on this one. Well worth the listen. I love the opening guitar riffs being playing in this one by Jonny of course. Love how Chris dances around with the guitar. So full of joy. And some more Jonny on slide action. Their both so precious.

Well you know its always about the guitars with me. ;)


Les Paul

Rest in Peace Les Paul.

June 9, 1915 - August 13,2009

Thanks for the guitars and music. :D


Green Eyes w/ no Bm & Am instead!!!

So I had commented on the video of the guy (ShanCarballow) who had done the instructional video for doing Green Eyes on guitar on youtube. (in previous post: http://croatianwguitar.livejournal.com/48708.html )

I had made a remark in the comment about having to learn Bm. He emailed me back with a video on doing it without Bm!! Can we say heyull yesh?!

So you capo in the second position and the do Am instead.

It's like my prayers have been answered. :D Hopa!
I am estatic!!!

Of course that is no excuse for not dealing with and learning bar chords still. :-/ LOL so I still need to get jiggy with that.

So here is the Vid for Green Eyes with Am instead of Bm. Which in the case Am stands for Absolutely Magnificent. ;)

Quite a beautiful rendition as well. The guy is remarkable. ;) He does it beautifully.


Feels like Christmas :) LOL
~~~Maevey xo


Chose a new song to learn on guitar...I have fallen in love with the song Green Eyes by Coldplay. It's really easy save the Bm chord. I need to get off my arse and learn it. I want to learn this on bad enough that I am determined to get that done. But Oh its a Betch!! I have put off learning Bm a while and just avoiding any movable chords as much as I can. But I need to get on that. But I thought the same of F back in the day. So my next song on guitar is Green Eyes. Its such a beautiful little song. It just makes me so happy when I hear it. Lifts my spirits up!

Hhhmm, I have a sneaking suspicion Chris must have wrote that song for Jonny, seeing how much those two boys love each other, esp. Chris loving Jonny like he does. ;)

The song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmyq9tIiu8g&feature=related

Found some Utube vids on teaching you how to do it. They are pretty helpful. I am sure there are more but I tagged these two for this post
Two instructionals I found.


This guy gives all the chords and does a good job with it. Its looks really fun to play. focus on the guitar playing focus on the guitar playing


But yeah anyway all over that Bm betch. That really sounds pathetic though at this point the game with me and the guitar. I should have conquered this by now. But I will be patient with myself and forgive myself for that.

Jonny Bucklands Guitar Rig and Effects...

So I am sitting here talking in the Mars Kyte chat and listening to Coldplay and listening to all the guitar effects Jonny's making on guitar wondering how he does all that, that has always fascinated me the sounds you can do on guitar with all those peddles and things. And so I have this random thought to google 'Jonny's guitar effects' and actually got a link to a list of them and his gitfiddles to boot and a photo of his board even!

So yeah here's to randomeness

Jonny's Guitar Rig and effects

Nice board Jonny!!! :D Jonny calls his board his Pandora's Box. ;)

I am so crazy I swear.... O___o

Tomislav has a nice board too. I always photograph his when I get the chance at shows.

Tomo's Board
Tomo Taste of Chaos March 2 2007 Grand Prarie

EDIT: Did a search for Tomo on Guitar-Rigs, They have him listed but they don't have his stuff there except A Les Paul shown for his guitar but nothing of his gear board etc. O.o They have a place where you can fill in all the info if you know it but I don't know it. I think it is on the Mars Forum some where.

And they have the wrong photo. They have a photo of Tim instead of Tomo. O_______O


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