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Midnight Song

Croatians With Guitars
27 February
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Well, If you really know me, Then, you know who the hell this is. :P

I am not Croatian however. Just inspired by one who plays guitar. So this journal name is an ode to him.

ECHELON [lll2-005-ll30] lll

...Chiaon mi tràth a-raoir dhan leabaidh
Thusa ruagadh as le suain

Ach cha tug thu cead dhomh cadal
Gus an dèanainn duan...

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This is my guitar journal so I can keep in one place all my progress, trials, tribulations and successes of my little guitar playing journey. As well as other related musical interests, links etceteraaah... :P Feel free to read or friend if you want. This is mostly just for me. It gives me some place to keep track of and talk about my progress with my guitar and other musical interests. But I am glad to have other guitar players join and discuss and give advice or whatever.... ;)

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Statue of Opatija, Croatia. Tomo's guitar superimposed in image
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O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat