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Probably will be double posted to Facebook as this journal is connected to my face book and feeds to there. But posting this here as well for future referece.

Learn Guitar


I love this video for many more reasons that the one above stated. This song is one of those perfect songs out there, but then when done with Coldplay is even sweeter.

But my favorite thing about it. Jonny making his guitar sing with that slide the whole song is just mmrrroowww. They show a few small shots of him doing it. I can hear him doing it through out the rest of the song but can't see! It's tarmenting me soul, but I love it none the less. ;)

And then I found the chords to it. So, I will play around with learning it. Really easy. ;)

Bitter Sweet Symphonoy Chords

Anyway Beautiful.

A New Song and other musings.

Been working on three songs the past couple of weeks and its going well. I have pretty much got all the hard spots worked out on them I was having and can play them with ease now. But still going to keep playing them to get even better. The hard parts were nothing major just working out the tempo of the strumming and singing the song. ;) It was frustrating for a bit. But now I am on top of it so I feel better about it all, my guitar playing and all.

I go through these moods where I get bummed out when I feel I am not progressing as I should or I feel I should be better by now on guitar. It's like the constant struggle I have where some days I feel like a guitar player and I feeling good and I am enjoying my guitar playing. And then other days I wonder what the hell I think I am doing with a guitar in my hands. LOL Not sure what causes that. It's like bipolar for guitarists. LOL But right now, I am feeling like a guitar player and I am happy with it.

I found the next song I want to learn. We watched Into The Wild again the other night. It's a good movie but its a hard one to watch at points, sad whatever...

Anyway this song was sung in it and I really liked it. I liked the melody. Its a pretty little song. Its called 'Angel From Montgomery by John Prine. Bonnie Raitt sung it and made it her own. Just thought it would be a pretty tune to learn and sing

Here is one version of it I found that that I thought was really pretty. It's done by a Father and Daughter which I think is so cool. What a neat thing to get to do with your dad. ;) I was touched by that anyway here it is. The audio on it is really good.

The lyrics for me though are a bit too depressing and down than what I like. I don't mind melancholy songs at all in fact I love them I sing a lot of melancholy songs. They actually make me happy somehow. But this one seems a bit too all hope is lost to me and I usually avoid songs like that. The lyrics just make me very sad and not happy. Maybe they strike a chord deep inside somehow that I don't like maybe.

But when I heard it in the movie I thought it was really pretty despite. I immediately thought oh I want to learn that and made a decision to look it up. I still love the melody and think it's a beautiful song. So I will learn it for that. ;)


This Just In!!!!!!!!

I like the way Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist for Coldplay) grooves with his guitar. It's just so pretteh. ;) Such a nice little groove he has going on there. Mrrroowwww.

And I can hear a chorus of voices singing: "Oooh Lawd Lawd why are we not surprised?!!!"

Bwaahah. chesssss, well... you should expect this much from me by now my darlings. :P

Good video examples of that groove nice little of his...

Violet hill:




Speed of Sound:

~~~Maevey xo

New strings oh joy

So finally put some new strings on my guitar. Wow. Just amazing what a new strings can do for the sound of your guitar. I should do it more oftenin' *snort*

I hate changing strings though. Hate. It. *needs guitar tech* bwaha I am so full shite on that one. I should embrace this though Its all part of that guitar bonding getting to know your guitar thing yeah whatever...

With each string I add I get so happy I forget how much I hate it. :D Its pathetic though me whining like a puppy about it while I'm doing it. :/ lordy.

So while at Guitar Center went back and petted some accoustics. I played around with the 6 string that is the sister to my 12 string. Yeah I want that guitar. I. Want. It. I will have it. Gosh I feel so greedy wanting another guitar so soon. :/ Shame on me. tsk tsk...

I love that guitar.

Project H Band From Houston

My home town boys from right here in Houston, Texas. Project H just put out a vid for one of their songs :)

These guys are personal friends of mine. Anyway give their the Video a look. I am happy for them Yay!!

You and I from Trey Graham on Vimeo.

Project H Band Official My Space

I Must

get stings for my six today. String changing is so over due. It's not funny anymore. That and a "tuner turner" I can't find mind. I think probably my son borrowed it for his guitar and then it might haved ended up at one of his friends house. LOL

Yeah that is the most exciting guitar news I have thus far. I know, it's not that exciting really.


ColdPlay Speed of Sound

I've been hooked on these guys lately. I have always loved them but lately its like I have to listen to them all the time. I pull up their vids on youtube and listen over and over again.

This song I just love. I can't embed it they turned if off but here is the link:


I love the piano in it. There is something about the piano in their songs that really just have a effect on me. I am not sure what it is. I always say of the piano tunes in their songs that "its anointed" Bruce Hornsby's piano pieces do the same thing to me. But certainly all of the music in Coldplays songs are anointed like that I would say. The tempos and melodies are all very soothing and have this incredible energy to them that effect me in ways I can't explain. They make all my chakras happy. LOL :D Kind if like Tibetan Singing Bowls :) Yeah kind of like that. ;)

I love the singers machinations in this song. I love the way he gets so lost in the music and dances around with all those gestures with is whole body.

Jonny the guitar player does that as well in this song. I love watching him too. I love the way he dances around with his guitar like he does as he plays. Reminds me a lot of another guitar player I love watching do that. ;) Makes my heart all happy. ;)

Speed of Sound lyricsCollapse )

Love Me. xo

Mars Year Book Volume ll

Got my 30 Seconds to Mars year book today.

It's very nice. I am very surprised (and happy) that 4 of my photos that I had taken at shows made it into the year book. 3 of Tomo and 1 of Shannon. I was like wow cool.

The one of Shannon actually my daughter Autumn took at the very first Mars show we ever went too. I submitted it for her under my name when I loaded photos for the year book. ;)

Below are the photos I took that are in the year book:

Anyway Awesome cool ;) I am still just kind of stunned I have some in there considering all the submissions. There were an awful lot like thousands. I am just happy is all and still in lots of shock too. LOL

~~~Maevey xo

I dreamed a selkie came...

Return to Roan Inish--Song

I have loved this song since I first heard it years ago.Probably back 2003 or so. I totally forgot about it till just now when I was surfing around you tube for different Gaelic songs. It's in the Movie the The Secret of Roan Inish about selkies and such.

Anyway have always loved this song and always wanted to learn to sing it. The woman who sings it Marire Breatnach her Gaelic is just heavenly. The mixture of the fiddle, flute and uilleann pipes in this song are just scrumptious. The bodhrán is loverly to of course. Anyway I have always loved the medieval feel of this song. It always takes me back to some medieval court in some castle somewhere in Ireland.

Anyway now that I remember about the song and found the lyrics I can learn it too now. This song is proof that everything is prettier in Gaelic. The song is about going to market and buying live stock. But it sounds prettier in Gaelic. If you don't know the translation or what the song is about, its just the beautiful language.

But even if you know what it's about in Gaelic still foreign enough to my ears just sounds more beautiful than if the story was in English. To me the language is an instrument in itself in that regards. I am pretty obsessed with foreign languages in general and love the sound of them, (especially with they are sung but when spoken as well.) So to that is how I see them. :D

The movie its from is a beautiful movie too. ;) I have it. I should pull it out and watch it its been a while.

Lyrics Gaelic and TranslationCollapse )


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